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will continue to cover this. theresident obama -- budget. it includes several tax proposals meant to help low and middle income families. the white house says it will benefit parents, students and those saving for retirement but it is unlikely the congress will adopt much from the president budget proposal since it is a midterm election year. coming up, we reveal when you can expect peak boom for -- peak d.c.'s cherry blossoms. >> and a consumer alert you need to know before you hit an atm. let's let the good time role. we will look at the festivities at the big easy for fat tuesday. >> and taking a live look the united states is showing its support today for ukraine's new leadership. meanwhile, russia's president vladimir putin seems to have softened his stance on ukraine. alex is in ukraine with the very latest. >> [chanting] marched, they sang ukraine's national anthem. then shots, a warning from russian forces not to come any closer. >> don't go any further, when russians older -- one russian soldier said. these unarmed ukrainian troops were trying to march to their airfield seized by the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1